Tastes of Slovenia (Part II)

Friday, September 17th — Recovery day and Grand opening of the Rain Marathon

Recovering after Triglav with lots of rain, giggling with cute babies, visiting relatives and driving around flooded roads, trying to catch a multimedia presentation about an amazing woman who traveled the world by herself, broke many stereotypes and widened the horizons of many.

Saturday, September 18th & Sunday September 19th — Taking it easy…

…with good food and spectacular jumps through the puddles.

Monday, September 20th — Basketball, Palacinking and Trespassing

Traditional life-or-death basketball game with Sanja. Sweat, blood and tears. 1 ball, 2 players, no mercy. The winner takes it all. And I did. We also introduced Ira to a fun game called Palacinkanje and she mastered it in a second.

Tuesday, September 21st — Postojna Cave and Lipica

21 kilometers long cave, created by the Pivka river, home to many blind, colorless creatures, including endemic olm, the largest trogloditic amphibian in the world.
Lipica stud farm was established in 1580 and it’s the origin of the beautiful Lipizzaner horses.

Wednesday, September 22nd — Soca Rafting

Another survival test sponsored by my mom. Adrenalin was pumping while we were rowing across the lively rapids, testing our team spirit in a raft, experiencing the Soca river and admiring the valley which the river has shaped throughout millennia.

Thursday, September 23rd — Metting with the capital of Slovenia

Ljubljana. Small and cosy with construction going on on every corner. Climbing to the castle with M&M’s girl and having fun with Pulko, Carr, Rozi and Dax right on the embankment of Ljubljanica river.

Friday, September 24rd — Goodbye day

While I was very happy to see Nina & Luka I think Laika bit me up to that. Which is understandable–she got her favorite bag of cookies! After all the packing there was one last thing I needed to do–visit my neighbor and her lovely cats. All that was left after that was catching the plane back to New York.
(The End)

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