Inka & Rommell Wedding Day

This beautiful “mochachocolata” couple suffered with me the unbearable heat of  NYC on September 2nd 2010. Crowding through the crowds on the Brooklyn Bridge, silently praying to get at least one shot without the masses of people passing or not to get hit by speedy bikers who are not very fond of sharing their bike lane, not even an inch of it. But we did it. And actually managed to have a bit of fun as well. Congratulations Inka & Rommell!

One thought

  1. Barbi did a great job on our special day!
    For most of the time i didnt even felt the presence of her camera like she didnt even have one with her:) end in the end surprise she captured every moment.
    I can be looking through the picture over and over and reliving every second of a special day only newlyweds experience.
    Thank you Barbi for capturing the impossible!!!

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