S’Mores Picnic Slovenia 2010

September is less than a month away, which means the packing of the bags will be on schedule shortly, while the anticipation to hug & kiss you all is already bursting out with excitement.

This time, I’ve decided to get you all together in one place, instead of running around to see you and than run off to see someone else, etc. A few of you inspired me to pack some marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers–the ingredients for a traditional campfire treat that’s very popular in US. While I really don’t want to ruin delicious Slovene cuisine by “importing” American crap, I think we can actually get away with this one. It’s fun to make, messy and not the worst tasting.

It is obvious that we all agree on this get-together, so let’s move forward and start thinking about time and location. Keep in mind I’m arriving on September 9th and leaving on the 25th. I actually have a great location in mind, in my hometown Hrastnik, I just need a blessing from all of you, who will be coming from farther away, that it’s okay and you will be able to make it. I wish we could just helicopter you in, but for now trains, buses and cars will have to do.

I know by now you are probably worrying that S’mores will be the only thing to eat. Come on, you know me better than that! Once we have that fire going, we can grill just about anything! We will go hunting for meat, harvesting for corn… Drinks will also be provided for all the thirsty souls out there. And to make this a real campfire get-together there is one final thing missing (except for the good weather of course)–music. Not to show off (I actually want to a little), but I might just be able to get my favorite guitar player to join us, of course, with his guitar! But we still have some spots open for jugglers, pantomime players, lion tamers…

There is only one rule: LET’S HAVE FUN!! And take a lot of pictures 🙂


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