WTF x 50

My friend and i went to see the Younger than Jesus exhibition today. 50 artists from 25 countries all under 33. Sounds really inviting, i know. Our opinions on the exhibits were as different as day and night are. I saw spinning staircase, a boring retail piece taken from a department store, she saw life leading nowhere. I suggested i could bring my broken radiator to send the world a message that the ice age is coming. However, my idea didn’t get accepted with clapping and thrills of excitement as i imagined it might and i was even called an art mocker on top of that. Well…


There was an artist that got my attention for sure. Chu Yun hired women from 18 to 40 years old to sleep in the bed in the middle of the gallery the whole day. Sleeping beauties high on sleeping pills. The bed looked comfy and the sheets seemed to be of a good quality. Pratesi for sure! Again, she thought it was sexist. WTF, OMG, r u f-ing kidding me, i am so NOT the iGeneration!!
The photography part was really good though but still, my favorite art of the day was on the corner from the New museum – graffiti on the wall with John Lennon, Statue of Liberty and Kate Moss posters and another one with instructions how to shoplift. So, see, very useful art that has existed since Ancient Greece. Ok, i’m gonna hear about this from Livia, the art expert/lunatic, so i better stop and say it was a day well spent, with a great weather and even better company!
I’ll dream about the staircase tonight. But mine will lead up to heaven. Just like Zeppelin’s.

5 thoughts

  1. Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! To pa je ena najboljših idej letos kar sem jih videla. Škoda, da ti to ne javiš prej. Bi lahko že danes odpeljalal posteljo v Celje. Kaj misliš, kaj pa če poskusim najprej s termarestom????? Ja, pa kar sama bi, mislim avtorica, brez modelov… In brez pills. Je natur scuzana.

  2. Hahaha, Benka, to bi blo THE BEST, ce bi res izpeljala!! Si predstavljas, folk bi se nagnetel v galerijo in nasel tebe kot Sneguljcico, speco in smrceco med rjuhami. 🙂 Pa sej je ze cas, da si nafilas baterije!! Lahko bi si sponzorstvo pri Dormeu zrihtala. But then again, jim pa mogoce datumsko ne bi odgovarjalo. Saj vemo kako to gre med Slovenceljni, a ne, a ne, a ne. :))))))))

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