Arooba-dooba-doo or falling in love with Jeff Buckley

Gosh, this will be hard to put in words. I feel i should wait a month or two to process every day of the trip separately, or even better, every hour, than leave it breathe for a while for my mind to absorb it and start realizing it as something that REALLY happened. Surreal spiritual experience that started the second my plane landed in Aruba. And to be able to go through all of that with someone you care that much about and respect with no end is what i call living it large!

First thing i needed to check was if the sea is really colored as dreamy turquoise as shown on every picture or is it just a Photoshop saturation that makes our eyes pop and tongues roll on the floor. And…it is…exactly…like…THAT! Well, to be totally honest, the pictures don’t really do it justice. Ah, kitchy… like pink flamingos, old VW vans with flowers all over them… or sunsets that change their color every 10 seconds. Try ever getting bored of that!!
Snorkeling with exotic fish colored so insanely beautiful and so wild and unafraid that can be tickled behind the fins while eating corals.
Boogie boarding on sneaky waves was another great experience. Who would have guessed i actually have hidden potentials as a surfer? Or maybe i’m just stupid to ride 7 foot high up in the air, not caring i’ll get thrown on the sand or centrifugated under water with my bathing suite coming off. All the way! Anyway, i prefer to call myself fearless adrenalin junkie. Haha… And we pumped up that adrenaline quite a lot. First of all, whoever made that Wrangler Jeep, should be awarded with as many prices as possible, because the places that four wheels took us, you won’t even consider walking, let alone taking your car. Halleluyah… And here we go. Jeff Buckley. That guy took us on mountains with endless views and flew with us through galaxies, when the stars were raining, planets colliding and dreams being born. 
I can certainly say we definitely weren’t the usual tourists – joining the local car races, visiting caves at night and then running out, almost screaming like a baby after seeing a bat. That was just one bat, Brian! And you screamed like a girl!! If i only think i took you there to protect me from the rattlesnakes! Maybe it’s your squirrel mix that’s making you soft-skinned. However, the double ride through the Natural park at crazy hours with unusual snake/crab/donkey encounters was an experience of it’s own. Or skinny dipping in the middle of the night not really thinking about the sharks and getting excited with rubbing our asses on the sand. Baby skin, baby skin! Rock’n’rolling around and making rock piles. Peeing in the Tunnel of love… The most tourist thing we did was probably the dinner at the Flying Fishbone restaurant where you can chose to sit right next to the ocean, put your feet in the water and enjoy your sex on the beach. Or sneaky peach as i did. I’m talking about cocktails, you know that, right?
I would also like to thank to the room service lady, in the name of both of us, for always keeping our room on Alaska temperature, so we had to open the windows first thing coming home, to let some hot air in before loosing our fingers from frostbites. What about the yellow Naci bracelets we never put on? Ah… Pu Chee!! I kill ya!! Run around the pool in circles!
Coming back to NY was a shock. I envy Brian’s shoe that got left in Aruba and is now looking for its New Balance on the top of the highest mountain… Freezing. Snowing. Getting yelled at by a stupid Indian taxi driver who got up whit the wrong foot. Almost getting punched by a black chick, that obviously has some anger issues, by touching her arm by accident when squeezing on a subway. Putting on sunscreen to go to work, just because it smells like Aruba. Trying to look at the stars in the city of lights… No, you can’t have that One Happy Island in New York. That’s why i made my own. You should have seen the size of the rocks and corals i brought from there. Together with my boogie board, a flag and a bag of sand, it’s almost like an altar or a sanctuary. And Jeff Buckely. That’s a must!!
So, stop asking me how was it… I got “I love Aruba” sticker, what more do you need to know? 😉
P.S.: Brian, i knew you were gonna miss your plane back to LA. Too bad. We could make that hug a little bit longer. Love ya my guitar-playing-boogie-boarding-guru-crazy-four-wheeler Dori.

8 thoughts

  1. Dober je. Krasno se bere, čuti še bolje, prave stvari so se dogajale, upam, da ne počneš pizdarij sedaj v NY in ne lezeš naokoli z napačnimi ljudmi. Lepo ti furaj Arubidna zgodbo naprej. Vem, da je boljša in lepša od hrvaških lepotic. Adijo! Sem super vesela zate. Amen.

  2. You lucky bitch!! this could be our honey moon if only you gave me the right answer! hahaha.. i adore the way you put your words together and express yourself.. it’s like a poem.. life is a song as you always say.. love you endlessly and miss you like crazy.. cuddly cuddles and snugly snuggles xXx

  3. You were born to do this girl!!!!!!! Were you really boogieboarding? And snorkeling? I hate you. Can you take me with you next time you go? I’ll squeeze in your suitcase and i promise not to make a sound until we are there. LOL

    Now get your act together, invite me out on a drink and tell me all about it face to face. cmokitossssss LOL

  4. Hi – Brian shared the link to your blog. Love your writing and your photos. I’m glad you guys had such a wonderful trip! Makes me want to go!

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