Drum roll puh leeze, i’m alive!


After almost eight months of non stop slavery, two weeks of intensive laziness and hedonism felt damn good. It’s also the longest period without seeing a single skyscraper, riding the subway, being ran over by a cycling Mexican monster or seeing a special character from Sex and the City. Well, i guess i’m lying about the last one – had her over for dinner two nights ago. Ah, cheeky liar pants on fire. Getting excited over first mosquito bite of 2008, observing little ants enthusiastically picking up crumbs of my breakfast toast, not being able to sleep cuz the damn crickets just won’t shut up EVER, cycling around and being afraid of running over a suicidal squirrels jumping over the street… that’s just a couple of side effects that appeared after being away from the hectic City, which is becoming my official home in, wait, one, two, three… ten days!! To sum all the fuss and tantrums around it … how, why, WHY, oh, lord WHHHHYYY???!!! … here’s a song that fits perfectly: “That day, that day when everything was a mess and everything was in place. And there’s so much hurt, sad, small, scared, alone and everyone’s a cynic and it’s hard and it’s sweet but it’s supposed to be like this…” And it’s EXACTLY that simple, although you can still say a little prayer for me, with the positive vibes coming my way.    

More kids, J Lo & things on the block – some people with expired warranty got the final warning. I’m lifting my hands up on the matter, my blood stopped curdling because of that a long time ago, so we might as well help save the rainforest and spare ourselves some theatrical mourning and pretend-friends crap. Sayonara bitches, c u around as famously said by i-know-who and if you don’t that’s probably better. Ah, do, did, done. It sure feels nice.     

After hopelessly trying to get this ‘resting palace’ back to it’s existing state, i crushed down, admitting myself i’m beating an already lost battle, fighting the windmills even Don Quixote gave up on, looked powerless to the sky and confessed my defeat. I’m a horrible looser. Huh, look at that! There’s a double meaning in that sentence. Hahaha. So, yes, a horrible looser. Picking up windex and taking my last breath. I don’t know why exactly, but i had mercy on me. But when it happens, if it happens, that shall be the way i want my life to be taken away from me. With windex. A pretty shinny way to die, don’t you think?
Drunk or not drunk. I’ll let you be the judges of that.
Before i go on with this paragraph i need to make an advance apology. I admit, it’s funny if i know i shouldn’t do it and i’m gonna do it anyway… does saying i’m sorry for it really count then? Who cares, Mateja, you Fresh princess from FB, sorry for spilling the beans again, announcing publicly we’re related. lol So there we go, a big yeeehaaaaaw to my sister who is now, according to Slovene ministry for education & sport, smarter than me and supposedly even way more prettier then i am, as claims a certain witty someone from the land of Down Under. Shallow me doesn’t give a damn about the first one, but please, just try to look that hot with a windex pistol pressed against your head and THEN i’ll be open for a discussion. Oh, yeah, since we’re small chatting and not saying anything useful – after over two years of spearing my hair being eaten by chemicals, i’ve finally decided it’s time to ruin it some more. Ok, the truth is also elsewhere. The main reason was finding my forth gray hair the other day. Anyway. A nice shade of brownish brown should look nice. Eeee. Wrong! I came out with english ginger with a special sunset glow. Bleh. I guess everyone knows the result – back to black. One day, when i’m really high, i’ll try platinum blond. Just to see if i can get more stupid as i already am.
Anyways, on that note, that’s pretty much how the cookie crumbles and how we’re rocking and rolling at the moment. 
SWELL. Whoot! Whoot!
Oh, yes, Pro world traveler BFF Queen of night reunion & convention Sep 18, 2008. Don’t be there! 😉

8 thoughts

  1. Hehe, super fotka, barvno se povsem ujema. A to si komplet stanovanje s tem zglancala. Sem se spomnil unga grka iz obilne poroke, ko je s tem windexom okoli skakal 😀 Vidim, da si spet na domačih tleh, torej se lahko pričakuje bolj pogosta objavica. Ampak ne brez fotk, pa čeprav sam ena 😉

  2. Ja, Uros, sej ves, da je windex za vse. Un Grk je ze vedu o cem govori! Sicer zdej tvegas izpah kolka al pa zdrobljeno trtico z vsakim korakom, ki ga naredis, ampak sveti se pa, sveti. 😉

  3. Mi je jasno zdaj to tvoje malo podivjano, agresivno izrazanje, ves. Ker ce je tisto za tabo stena v stanovanju, potem ni nic cudnega. :))
    Pa tud vse te kemikalije… Not good.

  4. In Barbi se je utrgalo. Ja Barbi … sej vem, da pošiljaš domov prtljago in, da boš ti ostala tam, sam a ti jst lahko eno darilo pošljem … tak zlo lep bel polover z takimi dolgimi rokavi, ki se zavežejo na hrbtu … res ful je dobr … 😀 😀

    Hec, hec …

    Ful lepa fotka … se pa strinjam z Dax-om … tole ni dobr. 😀 😀

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