One very Steel Magnolia

It doesn’t happen all that often that you meet remarkable people. Even in NY. Shirley MacLaine is definitely one of them. She was introducing her eleventh book (well, yeah, she’s been around for a couple of… decades lol) at the Barnes & Noble bookstore. From my personal point of view listening to her was hugely uplifting. It was quite obvious that everyone was charmed by her playful wittiness, forwardness, knowledge and life experience. Obviously the store needed to be closed at some point but she didn’t allow herself to be bothered by her publicist, reminding her nicely, it’s was almost time to start signing the books. “I’m not in a hurry. I’m having fun!” And another 30 minutes went by. People were waiting at the bookstore since early afternoon, just to get the autograph and a little chat with her. Needless to say it was v-e-r-y crowded. So this time, since i always come fashionably late (each time with a good reason), i was sure i’m not getting in. Press or no press, i’m not climbing over or elbowing through hundreds of these people, because they’d probably kill me anyhow. I did however talk to her publicist over the phone earlier that day, arranged the accreditation and everything. I got his number through someone who knows the guy who knows the woman who knew the guy and then that guy knew David Brown. So, i didn’t want all that hustle to be worth nothing, so i’ve done what needed to be done – went to someone who worked at Barnes & Nobles and seemed important enough to understand how important i was. Hahaha. “Excuse me, coming through. Press. Excuse me, press, coming through.” I did nothing but follow that guy and this was by far the most unbelievable experience as a press ever. People from the beautiful land of Kekec could actually learn something from it. You’re treated as an very important part of the whole charade thing around here, not like some kind of annoying human being with flashing light and big lens. Well, anyway, i’m turning this into another blog that doesn’t make any sense…

The sum up of the event through the pictures… If you doubt in the accuracy of my material, well, suit yourself, it’s a free country, 1 AM and i’m off to bed.

Listen, you punk, i had one billion dollars and i blew it all, ok?!

So, what can i do? Ha?? Do you think i can just magically transform your rusty van into a shinny BMW?
I hate how people don’t want to believe me. Just because i won an Oscar, 3 Emmies, 10 Golden Globes and wrote 11 bestsellers doesn’t necessarily mean i own a gold mine!

What’s wrong with yoooou?? I’ve told you I-HAVE-SPENT-IT-ALL!!
Omg, i cannot believe this is happening again. Ok. Ok. Ok. Shirley, sweetie, calm down. It’s ok. Back to the loving place, back to the loving place…

You’re still insisting on having it your way? Fine…

…i just don’t care anymore. I give up. Why did i even bother coming here…

…i’ll just pretend i’m busy reading. That will give them a hint i’m done talking… Once there were three little pigs…
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9 thoughts

  1. Barbi, pa ti si že prava zvezda, lej kere ljudi fotkaš … aaaaaa … D-best!!!

    Sam ženska je mogla bit al res boring in zoprna al pa vas je ful zabavala. Dobre fotke in si jo res dobila v takih pozah … res D-best fotke.

    hug & ***

  2. En stavek sem pomotoma ven zbrisala 😀 😀 …. Sam ženska je mogla bit al res boring in zoprna al pa vas je ful zabavala. … Hec, hec … verjamem, da vas je zabavala in vidim, da si ful uživala.

  3. Ja, to me je Shirley klicala, ker ve, da jo vedno samo s ta lepega profila fotkam. In pol mi zmer rece: “Barbi, darling, just from my younger, beautiful side.” In jst njej: “Ah, Shirley, but you’re beautiful from EVERY side.” Pol je pa vsa blazena. Hahaha. No…

  4. Aja, Nina, full je bla boring, ja. Tecka, da ni vecje. Verjetno nas bo to vse doletelo pri 74ih. 😉 Ma, ne, taksna faca, da verjet ne mores. Se fotografi in kamermani so se na glas rezali, ker je take pihala. Hahaha, nisem napisala, ampak, ko je delila avtograme v knjigo, je z enim mozakom full dolgo debatirala, potem pa pride njen publicis, in rece: “Shirley, there’s still a big line of people waiting…” Ona pa ignorira. Potem, ko sta pa koncala, pa tko dvigne roke in na glas zavpije: “WHAT? He was my lover, ok!!” Skor sem se po tleh valjala od smeha. 😀 😀

  5. You’re hitting biiiiiiiig, B!!!!! love her. wonderful personality, amazing actress, great lady. so love your comments under the pics. and i do believe thats exactly what she was saying. 🙂

    Off the topic: new Pink album Oct 28, “So What” single out mid Aug.

    Love you my angel,
    Bex xxxxxxx

  6. I didn’t hit her, are you mad, woman? 😉 She is, indeed, very sweet. And at least someone who is brave enough to handle the truth. 😀

    Off topic news = awesome news!!

    Much love, sweetie. Hugs

  7. Hell yeah! Super fotke! Poze so ubijalske! Zenska mora biti res zabavna. To so meni osebno pri (press) delu najboljsi trenutki. Da delas, pa krepavas od smeha zraven. 🙂

    Vidim tudi, da se je Pink prebudila! Zdaj je cas, da se javim za tour photographer! Ze grem v akcijo!!! :))

  8. Luka, ja, to je boljse za trebusne misice kot it v fitnes. 😀

    Aha, Sleeping beauty se ze dere v studiju. 😉 Hmm, kam se pa prijaves? Al poznas tipa, ki pozna tipa, ki je poznal zensko, ki je poznala tipa in je ta tip poznal tipa, ki sprejema prijave? No, ja, saj me niti ne zanima v bistvu. Jaz sem se ze sama izbrala. Sicer Pink & co se nic ne vejo o tem, a vse ob svojem casu pravim jaz. 😀

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