X files, Crossroads, Wolevs & Happy Birthdays

The first sign of working to much: When someone from the other side of the world knows more about the events happening in your town then you. So, thanx to Luka or should i say, my boss, i managed to get my ass to a fantastic seminar about the new upcoming movie The X files: I want to believe, held in Apple Store in SoHo, where the producers, Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz were talking about the making of the movie, about the X-Files series as well as answering the questions from the enthusiastic fans. Quite an interesting fellow this Chris Carter. Thanks to my irresistible charm i was lucky enough to meet him after. Doing black magic probably helps too.


More can be seen @ Dax-Photo
Yesterday was all about slovene movies. At the Crossroads: Slovenian Cinema started at the Lincoln Center. Don’t know how many of you know this, but for me Polona Juh is one of the loveliest and most talented actresses in Slovenia. Knowing that it won’t be that big of a shock hearing how i almost got run over by a taxi, spinning my head 180 just to get a second, a third and a fourth glance at a big movie poster hanging on 66th St & Broadway. Beyond her window. Anyway, i went to the Walter Theatre on Sunday to see The Valley of Peace. I love those two kids, Lotti and Marko. And i don’t know if you knew this, but this John Kitzmille, African-American actor playing a pilot in the movie, actually received a Best Actor award in Cannes and became the first person of African descent to receive such a major festival prize. Around 50 people in the theatre and everyone was laughing, crying and agreeing that this was one damn good movie. After that i felt into the zone and HAD to see the next one. Vesna. It’s funny that Vesna was directed by a czech director, Frantisek Cap who had immigrated to Yugoslavia after Tito’s break with Stalin. Some say he actually shows the carefree days he remembered from Prague and projects the lovely moments of his country to his new home, Ljubljana. And I know all this, because before every movie there was a short introduction by a wonderful Joseph Valencic. The last one was Outsider, because i needed to see something in more that 2 colors. Hahaha. Anyway, i’m always interested to see how this newborn patriotism awakens inside me as soon there is something related to Slovenia – i’m watching Narnia: Prince Caspian and suddenly get overpowered by this incredible urge to stand up and share with entire audience that THIS, oh yes, was filmed in one of the most beautiful parts of Slovenia!! Beat this you fake artificial hand-made Central Park!!  Or i wake up, chocolate deprived, whit this mind blowing idea, how i’ll contact the Gorenjka factory, ask them for some free samples and then walk the streets of Manhattan, stuffing pieces of that cocoa treasure into people’s mouth and saying: “Yes, that’s in fact how the chocolate was supposed to taste like, you brown-plastic eating freaks!!” Ok. Earth calling Barbi. I want to believe. The truth is out there. Swell…
Oh, yes, and i got myself a third or fourth copy of Women who run with the Wolves. Two copies in Slovenia, one in London and another one in New York. And the same is happening with guitars. See, i’m spreading music and wisdom around the world. Not to mention all the other aspects of my super witty personality. Yes, indeed, i love myself – i’m achieving similar results on other people, too but not quite to the level i would want to. One step at a time, one step at a time. Of course, i’m supper drunk, how can i not be, it’s my employers birthday. Woo hoo, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you old bat! :*

4 thoughts

  1. 😀 Hahahahaha, hvala, Barbi! Jaaaa, noooo, mamo pac neke fene tukaj, ki redno spremljajo X Files website. 😀 Pa sem “in on the info”.
    In vidis, kako Slovenija pride k tebi, ko ti ne mores k njej? A pa ves, da si v majski stevilki NG Travelerja (ja, mednarodnega) tudi imela clanek o Sloveniji. Mojih fotk seveda ni bilo noter, ker me niso nasli (vsako luknjo pa tud ne pogledajo). 😀 In da imas v julijskem NG Magazine (tudi mednarodnem) prilogo o Sloveniji. 😀 Specially for you. 😀
    Narnijo imamo pa v soboto v Bovcu premiero in pridejo … hm… ja, vsi. 😀 Samo naju z Nino ne bo tam, ker sva v srednjem veku takrat. 😉 Ampak ti kar povej vsem, da je to Soca – naslednjih nekaj mesecev my office. 😀

    Se enkrat hvala. Je bil kar zanimiv BD. Po dolgih letih en, ko dejansko nisem delal in enkrat za spremembo sem v celem tem dnevu naredil samo eno fotko, pa se to nenamensko 😀

    Hugs & ***
    Old Bat :))) (I like it. I just might change my name officially. – I need to get a new ID anyway :))

  2. Uf, wow, moram vse te NG-je pregledat! 😀 Hahaha, zadnjic me je skoraj kap, ko grem po ulici in se mi kar na lepem Na Golici zacne dret iz iPoda. lol Dolga zgodba. Ja, TO poslusam, se pravi, da ni treba nikomur skrbet, da ne pridem kmalu domov pogledat. 😉

    Ah, Soca, your office. FousFousFous!!

    Ja, ni za kaj, Luka. B-day pa itak, da je bil zanimiv, ce pa koktejle (kao brezalkoholne… aha aha) tankata. In to dva dni en za drugim!! 😉

  3. Baaaaarbiiiii!!! FOOOUUUUŠ!!!! … smrk, smrk … Jst sem taka fenica X files, Luka je še večji, ma celo sobo polimano s plakati, pa noče priznat . NJegov izgovor je vedno, da ima preveč razmetano sobo.
    No, če boš kej srečala Davida Duchovny-a in Gillian Anderson, ju lepo pozdravi v mojem imenu :D.
    Hm … teb res dogaja tok v NY, da bom sam pobrala kufre pa prišla k tebi, kr pripravi se Barbi, se me ne boš mogla losat.

    Ok, za koktejle je pa tkole, to jih Luka. Jst sem čist pridna, zato pa grem delat izpit za avto, da ga bom lahko potem domov vozila, ko bo koma. Ker včeri, ko sva šla nazaj domov se mi je odvrtel življenje pred očmi, ker sva vozila tak rally, me je skor kap

    hug & ***

  4. Ja, haloooo, a se teb ni nikol zdelo, da bi mi prej povedala, da si taka huda X-Files fanica??!! Grrr… Ti ti, Nina!!!! Sicer pa, ja, ti kr poberi kufre in welcome. I don’t say this to just anyone – ampak zate bo vedno prostor pri meni. Pa se za nasega cocktail loverja tudi. 😉

    Super za izpit za avto. Res ze skrajni cas, ker vem kaksna tombola se je bilo vedno z njim vozit. To die or not to die. In ce sam pomislim, da smo dvakrat sle z njim v Avstrijo!!!! Aleluja, ocitno naju res neki od zgoraj dobro pazi. 😉

    Hugs & ***

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