I know something… about someone special!


So, i can count up to 19, let’s see what else i can do! 😉

Ahhh, during times like this really sucks being so far away from home, especially when you know, your whole family will be attacking the most delicious chocolate cake my mum makes, like a hungry pack of wolves. Grrrr. I hope you all choke on it. Or get really fat. Or at least end up with a huge zit on your nose or some digestion problems to keep you awake the whole night, thinking about poor little me, surrounded by McShit’s. Never mind, just ignore the crap i’m saying, it’s my envy raging devil, blowing steam out of his ears again.

Mate-kluka-a, you were named by someone with a last name Svet and this is exactly what you are to me. The world. Everything. There is so much you inside of me that it’s hard to tell where i finish and you start… I’m babbling. The same thing i’d do sitting right next to you. Maybe the happy tears in my eyes would make my wishes feel more honest. Maybe a warm hug would assure you that i really mean it. But i’m sure you know it anyway. You knew it even before reading these lines…


Even at that early age you knew, i was going to be the prettiest one. I’m 10.000 km away, you can take the towel off now.
Thanks for being just the way you are (pardon my french & excuse my New York accent, but i just feel like saying it so) – like, you know, the best fucking sister/friend/person/… in the whole fucking world. Like, i mean, really!! 😉 

Sis, i’d jump off the Empire State Building for you, walk up the stairs back to the 102nd floor & jump off again. And again. And again…
H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y  ! !
I love you,



3 thoughts

  1. Tud z moje strani vse najboljse. 😀 Mam filing tud, da bi Barbi tisto zadnje tudi zares naredila 😀 😀 😀

    Barbi, mogoce so te pa zato pustili it v NY za tolk casa, da bodo koncno prisli do svojega kosa torte, hahahaha. The way you tak about it, sumim, da so bili precej prikrajsani, ko so jo delili s tabo. 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Don’t take it personally, jaz mamicine piskote pozrem sproti, ko jih iz pecice jemlje, tako da na koncu niti sadov svojega dela ne vidi, hahahaha. 😀

  2. Thnx Ales, hvala Luka! Itak so meli super zur in se nazirali s cokoladno torto. Verjetno je bil pa par dni nazaj se vecji, ker je tamala uspesno razturala maturo. Juhuuuu, zdaj pa trije meseci svobode, ok, dva, trenutno gara na pocitniskem delu. 🙂

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