British love invasion on the way to unbearably hot NY


It’s too hot to breath. Too hot to move. Too hot to live… This fucking humidity makes you sweet like a pig. A micro rainforest is growing out of my keyboard at this very moment as I’m typing this. Fungi, anyone? There’s no chance of escaping to the beach during the week, so enjoy the unbearable torture in the stone jungle. And waiting for the subway, deep underground, is like, well, being in hell with an added luxury – a smell of sweet and old socks. 
And as mister Bush is enjoying the hidden & unhidden treasures of Slovenia, and probably his new bike by now, as I’ve been informed, I’m looking forward to the British Invasions. Well, just one. Invader. Made in Europe. England. London!! I’m sure we’ll find other interesting & enjoyable stuff to do rather than just sipping Earl Gray and eating cookies. What I truly doubt is that there’ll be a blog about it. Even I feel the need to turn the censure button on from time to time. For the sake of my own safety, because having too much fun can be perceived as  illegal for some people.
And fun we shall have!
Talk to ya’ll when i’m back to reality.
B xxx

8 thoughts

  1. Pravš da ti je vroce, eh? Sej prav! To je bozji bič za “Paper Aeroplane” :twisted:. Tko da sweat baby, sweat 😆

    Invazija se slisi very fun! 😉

    4a fotka mi je fantasticna!

  2. lol i can’t believe i’m really writing this, having you almost right next to me, but see, how very bored you’re getting me here!!!!! You’re either coming out of the bathroom or i’m coming in…. Since there is a big chance you might not be getting this until later, i’m afraid to say it will have to be the latest. I’m sure you didn’t know, but one of my technical expertise is unlocking the doors from whichever side. And you must be familiar with the fact that invaders usually hurt people and that i’m no exception. You should also know by now, that i tend to always get what i want. lol That’s it…. i’m coming…. and as a punishment, i’m canceling english breakfast for tomorrow, so back to the weetabix it is!!!!!!

  3. OK, resno dvomim, da bos ti ta NY prezivela. 😀
    Sicer pa, ce ti ni vsec vrocina, pa pridi malo v SLO. 11-12 stopinj, oblacno in KONSTANTEN POF**** dez, ki me zivcira. 😀

  4. @ Uros: Ja, me konstantno obvescajo o “super” vremenu. Hmm…

    @ Ales: Taksna povprecna zalost je tole s temi fotkami. Pa se na full cudni resoluciji so. Mah, ko bo enkrat koncno Photoshop spet na moji Japki, se, upam, obetajo boljsi casi. 😉

  5. @ Luka: Vprasanje je, ce bo NY mene prezivel. 😉 No, tukaj se pa knjige gubajo zaradi vlage in zasvicas kot svinja samo da nos ven pomolis. 😀

    @ Liz: And i just love you, Liz, for always saying nice things to me. The promised picture is on the way to Down Under. Hope it doesn’t get swollen by a Bermuda triangle, since it’s heading that direction. 😀 :glomp:

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