Conversations with Go… me & KT Tunstall

There’s probably lots of people who want me dead for various kinds of reasons:

a) for not returning the messages,
b) for turning off my phone(s) for just long enough to turn their hair gray,
c) for not even giving a sign of still being alive…

(the list is probably longer than this, but anyway)

I’m fine. Alive and kicking. It was one of my regular disconnections from everything that I felt was holding me down in any way. We had a Memorial day on Monday so I had a long extended weekend-therapy with myself. I was in such a terrible state after all the things happening in the last couple of weeks, felt a surge of anxiety towards everything and everyone, my brain was working and processing things in a high speed mode, making it hard for me to calm down & relax if only just for a minute…
So I needed to close my little box to be alone with me for a while. To slow down a heartbeat to an easier tempo, lowering my dynamics to something between pianissimo and mezzo-piano, disconnecting the mind, trying to be totally at peace with a long exposure…

Well, yesterday felt like a good enough time to join back the NY jungle. In a matter of 10 minutes (10!!) or practically just when I put my foot on the Broadway Ave, I saw a woman carrying a frisbie on her had, walking like she’s about to join the army and constantly repeating the alphabet. Next there were two breathtakingly, gorgeous, take-me-home-and-let-me-look-at-you-forever guys who started to get on to each other like they’re about to seal the deal (if you know what i mean ;)), a man around his fifties, trying to ride his own dog (and it wasn’t a giant horse type, just a normal sized English Cocker Spaniel) and a chinese guy, touching his balls in the most obnoxious way, running after me and screaming: “Excuse me, miss!!” And I’m sure he didn’t just want to ask me what the time was. So that was it. That’s how I ruined precious, not to mention HARD TO GET, days of long & intense work on myself. All gone. Now I feel like showing my ass around some more. And with my birthday coming, that’s the least that could happen. So, don’t be surprised if my phone is turned off on Friday! 😉 (BUT, I’m willing to make an exception if someone promises to sing  a Happy Birthday song to me. Marilyn-Monroe-2-Kennedy style!! lol)

Anyhow, if nothing else, it was worth seeing the spectacular shows the sun did every evening before going to bed.



And tomorrow (or today for many of you) I’ll be even more alive and kicking at a gig I’ve been dying to see for more than two years now. One-woman-guitar-storm aka KT Tunstall’s coming to Town. Of course, no luck with photo accreditations – the venue, as I was told, has nothing to do with the press, you can only get it confirmed through a record company or a manager. Sure, no problem! Just let me look at my phone… Aha, Address book, that’s what I need… KT Tunstall… calling… ringing… picking-up… “Yeah, hey, KT, it’s Barbi. I didn’t want to go through all the hustle of bothering your manager and the record company, so I thought I just called you… Yes, that’s right. That’s exactly what I need!! … Aha… Aha… Well, thank you! So, that’s one photo pass with vip access after, right? … Oh, thanks, darling! You’re a doll!! … And wait! While we’re on the phone, there’s something I was trying to talk to you about. You know that song, Paper Aeroplanes? … Yeah. Aha… Aha… A bad day, huh? Well, listen. Could I have a reclamation on it or something? … Sure. A new album would be perfect! Thanks! … Look, I’m afraid I’m quite busy at the moment, so why don’t my people call you’re people and talk about all the details? … Perfect! … No, I don’t care what the opening song is. … No, really… lis… khm… listen… Oh. Bad connection. What? I..en’t..rel..ear..yo..” It’s always good to have a well updated address book, you know, for the Little Favors… and lots of imagination to go with it. 😉

Hugs to all of you people out there… and it doesn’t even matter if you’re black or white. (just for the general knowing – I wasn’t touching my balls like mister Jacko during his white-gloves & black-hat performances… for one thing, well, I don’t have any)

6 thoughts

  1. oh my little sugar princess,

    how i wish you were here to party with me, i have so much to tell you, we have to come to vegas together, it’s wild and we’d have a great time.

    i can’t believe this is the first comment i’m posting here, although i do feel i need to log on to your blog more often, since you answer marriage proposals in your p.s.s. i guess if you don’t ask you don’t get…. lol, and i’m cheeky. maybe you’re also familiar with the fact i am not a straight girl! just over labelling myself lesbian, and closing off my heart to the other side, lol.

    and i see you’re dancing your naked ass in the apple city a lot as well as spinning sex around the tube poles. you make momma proud, girl! lol, i’ll do you a dance soon, in wellies and frilly panties, hahaha, the bum dance like on shrek. because i do believe you have a typical bex withdrawal syndrome…. if anything. and yes i am a bit jealous…. will tell you more over the phone when i call on your special day. and you better be sure imma sound million zillion trillion times better and hotter than Marilyn! hahaha

    keep smiling your beautiful smile and i will see you within a few weeks i’m sure, i’m full of cuddles for ya. you n me, babygurl! Love you ever so very much! your girly.

    Bex xxxxxxx

  2. Baaarbiiiii!!! D-best fotke, še posebi tazadnja. Smrk … smrk … pogreeeeešaaaaam teeeeee, česenček moj!!! Komi čakam, da te vidim, pomoje bom kr kampirala pred letališčem 😀 😀 :D. Evo takoj bi zele sedla na avion in šla k tebi, sam kaj, ko sem po novem zapiflana študentka in delam diplomo. Hm … to je ti je veselica, a ne? Barbi, uživaj!!!! ********
    (hug) (hug) (hug) (hug) (hug)

  3. Bex-olina, stop talking the words, get your ass over here and THEN do some action. Oggy Oggy Oggy! Oi Oi Oi!

    Btw, my latest ass innovation – pure beach sand peeling for baby soft skin. Also boosts up the blood circulation in that particular area – ta-ta, there’s your natural cellulite fighter. Because you’re worth it.

    Love ya back, angel! xxx

  4. Ninaaaa, kolk fino, da si mal priskakljala naokoli! Ce nameravas res kampirat pred letaliscem ti priporocam, da sotor postavis nekam na varno mesto, da ne bo kak jekleni ptic preblizu letal. 😉

    Fajn zrihtaj diplomo, ceprav je men to mal cudna verzija veselice! 😀 Bo res ze zadnji cas, da pridem nazaj, da pade kaksen road trip pa da gremo spet kam skljocat pod oder.

    Hugs & ***

  5. Hey, Ales, hvala! Ampak pred objavo na tale wordpress so ble se lepse. Ne vem tocno zakaj, ampak barve grozno zbledijo, ko jih nalozim sem… Prej se mi to ni dogajalo… In ker me blazno nervira, dvomim, da bom kej kmalu kaksno “pametno” stvar objavla, dokler stuhtam necesa, da se to ne bo dogajalo.


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