Stupid girl





Go to 23rd floor, you’ll find her there,
enjoying the view with too much time to spare.
Looking around to sit down on a chair.
Sun cream? Ah, who does really care!

What happened to the dreams of a pale and white?
Her t-shirt’s getting wet and her jeans are getting tight.
With her headphones in, music playing loud,
she closes her eyes, drifts off and she’s kind of proud.

Where, oh where, has the sun cream gone?
Oh, where, oh where could it be?

Maybe if I lay like that, just for a minute on my back.
My skin will turn to black, I don’t wanna be a sunburned girl.

But I am!! And it hurts like hell!! No need to mention that I look like a monster. Not the kind from fairytales, a really scary one that could be a motivational speaker for all the other monsters from the land of Ugly and Scary. Buahahaaa … Now would probably be a good time to focus on my inner beauty, my divine soul, pure spirit and all that crap. 😉

If nothing else, I have a good opening line to start a conversation with whomever I want. “You’re looking at me, right? Yeah, it’s a new thing I’m trying out here. You know how you go to the 23rd floor to enjoy the view, maybe sit down for a while and relax? Well, that’s too boring, too regular. I was thinking, instead of ‘a while’, why not laying down with your headphones in and some really nice music playing, drifting off for about 5 hours, preferably between, 11am and 4pm? Doesn’t that sound like super fun? And the pain is nearly worth mentioning if you think about all the looks you’ll be getting … Yeah, I know. Too extreme for you. You know what, if you change your mind, call me!”

Maybe Pink will decide to recycle her Stupid girls and make a new cover – Sunburned dumbass.


Btw, this is me today. First aid. Plain yogurt. Trust me, it looks even worse without it!! And for all of you wondering – No, i haven’t moved to Nigeria or made a trip to the Sun, still in NYC.



5 thoughts

  1. Joj! Si predstavljam kako neprijetno te vleče na vse konce. Sicer pa nekako tako se počutijo kakšne “lepotice”, ki imajo za tilnikom en velik vozel kože. In potem ne morejo zapreti ust, se venomer smejijo in izgledajo kot Joker iz Betmena.

    Enkrat me je na takšno finto užgalo po tazadnji in bedri. Tako se teden dni stola niti pritaknil nisem.

  2. Jaz imam pa dober opening line z druge strani pogovora, kadar naletim na kakšnega takega nesrečneža: “You look like shit, what’s your secret?” 😀
    Ej, pazi, da te Sarah to ne vpraša na ulici.
    No, mislim, da se ne moreš pritoževati, da ni sonca itd. Pa lep razgled… 😀 Si vsaj barvo dobila. OK, boš sicer dobro zapečena samo v glavo, ampak bolje nekaj kot nič, ne? 😀

    (Nisem pa preračunal, kdaj si to objavila, tako da če je prvi april, se pazi!)

    Lep pozdrav iz nevihtne Slovenije! (Jaz se lahko tukaj zapečem samo, če se pod strelo postavim. 😀 )

  3. Uros, prav res, ja. Se cela ne morem vec nagrbancit, ko napeto razmisljam. 😉 Tretji dan danes in se nic ni “zbledelo”. Grrr…

    Luka, verjemi, bolj kot karkoli bi si zelela, da je tole prvoaprilska sala, a se bojim, da je cisto res. Oziroma se kako dobro zacutim, da je res, vsakic, ko pomeziknem, zazeham, spregovorim, se premaknem, kihnem ali naredim karkoli kar vkljucuje se tako minimalno uporabo obraznih misic. And i really do look like shit! A very red one indeed. 😉 Sarah me do nadalnjega ne bo videla na nobeni ulici. Se namrec izogibam civilizaciji.

    Jebes barvo! Sem raje albin kot pa lobster-monster.

    Btw, tudi pri nas je vceraj nekaj bliskalo ponoci. Sem spet ob vampirskih urah bedela in pocela blazno pametne stvari…

  4. 😆 Hope you are not so sore now.. I can see the red under the yogurt .. I got burnt many times as a kid… no block out then.. and I have fair skin.. consequently lots of freckles.. btw you still look good to me 🙂 Liz

  5. It’s getting better, Liz. I’m still a bit red & the skin that’s still white makes a great contrast. Is this ever going to fade? It looks really ugly. Like a bad commercial for a cheap sun cream. lol But the important thing is that it doesn’t hurt anymore every time i blink. 😉 And thanks for loving me anyway. Always yours, Barbi the Lobster 😀

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