Cirila, pogresali te bomo!

So ljudje, ki oplazijo s svojim obstojem,
ljudje, ki pustijo odtis.
Ljudje, ki iz svilenih niti spletajo varno zavetje, ki ujame,
ko nas vse drugo izda.
Ljudje, ki materinske ljubezni ne pogojujejo z geni.
Ljudje, ki so, ceprav jim ne bi bilo treba,
postavili edinstven temelj v nase zivljenje in
ga do zadnjega izdiha krasili
kot najlepsi mozaik…

Someone very important to me passed away today. Someone, who was there to see my first steps, someone, who always stood on my side when I did something wrong. Someone, who knew, how to make me eat the things I didn’t really like. Someone, who always had a box of chocolate cookies, just in case, we might visit. Someone, who loved me endlessly and unconditionally without ever asking for anything in return. Someone, who had and always will have a very special part in my heart, because without that someone, I wouldn’t be what I am today.

Thank You! You were an angel on earth, now you’re watching over me from heaven up above. We will miss you! xxx



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