“Just over the Brooklyn bridge…


… a world of its own,
The streets where we played,
The friends on every corner were the best we ever made.
The backyards, and the school yards
And the trees that watched us grow,
The days of love when dinner time was all you had to know.
Whenever I think of yesterday,
I close my eyes and see,
That place Just Over The Brooklyn Bridge
That will always be home to me.
It’ll always be home to me.”


(by Art Gartfunkel)


















“Well, I had me a girl with the golden curls, she vowed to treat me right.
But here I am and I’m all alone on the Brooklyn Bridge tonight.
A thousand thoughts run through my mind as I watch the city lights.
My love is gone, I’m all alone on the Brooklyn Bridge tonight.
Well, it really has been a blue blue day and the water is cold in East River Bay…”


(by Mel Tillis)




4 thoughts

  1. Hvala ti puno! 😉 Ves, da se res boljse znajdem tukaj kot pa v vasem Kransterdamu. Se spomnim, ko sva s fotrom lutala okoli in iskala zeleznisko postajo (pa nisem bila prvic tam btw!!), ki je bila startna tocka za Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink. No, ja, ce odmislimo potem triurno cakanje na Nino. 😉 V glavnem, ja. NY je ena sama mreza. Kriz kraz. Avenija gor, ulica cez. Na koncu Manhattna se sicer vse pobrklja, ampak ko si enkrat pri vodi, tako ves, da se nikamor vec ne pride pes. 🙂

    Glede moje bodoce konkurence pa – A si ti videl, da ma Nikona? Vse skrbi so zdaj odvec. Hugo s tabo smo ne boj se nc vec. lol (verjetno te zdajle ze posteno skrbi… ne, samo caj pijem… danes ;P)

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