Quebec’s joie de vivre

What an amazing trip to Canada this has been. Mont-Tremblant is described as a delightful open-air paradise, with magnificent surroundings.


There’s the Resort with its little pedestrian village where you can be enchanted by the atmosphere of authentic Quebec architecture and multicolored roofs and not to forget wild night partying in the local disco. And trust me, those high on hormones (and everything else) Canadians really do go crazy. Plus, it was a spring break, so imagine that scene. Boys, jumping from the hotel balconies into the giant piles of snow …. Girls, hardly wearing anything, except for the see-through tops and look-at-my-ass mini-mini skirts and sure, high hells. Very practical for the cat-walk in the snow and on the ice. Maybe carrying a bottle of beer and a purse gives you enough balance not to slip ‘n’ fall. Let me see, they had a beer contest on Monday, Miss Tremblant on Tuesday … and to be honest, I completely stopped paying attention to what was happening after Wasted Wednesday. I was here for a different kind of wildlife. I can find those kinds of adventures back in NYC, any day of the week. Wolves, dogsledding and snowshoeing is something I cannot imagine seeing or doing in Central Park. Not even on a very wasted Wednesday! 😉


Just a hike alone through this picturesque landscape was a mind-blowing experience in itself. Nothing but a fabulous display of winter’s beauty, surrounded by the deep stillness of the sleeping forest and the faint tracery of animal tracks on the snow. Far away from the pollution. Far from annoying crowds not knowing where to go to spend their last dollar. One of my biggest dreams is to go to Alaska. I’ve always kind of questioned myself weather or not I could live in a place as isolated by the human race, away from the coziness and (artificial) safety of the civilization for longer than a month. Now I have my answer. It’s complicated. To sum it up – Yes! With some regular quick escapes back to the frantic and chaotic life full of worries and stress, when feeling so. Or if I truly find my peace there, I might as well just stay foot. Those are a very long term plans or distant dreams, far away in space and time. The important thing is to have them!





6 thoughts

  1. Daj ga seri, kako bomo pa na obiske hodili. “Ja, ej, a greva mal Barbi pogledat? Dej ti vzem une tri puhovke, jaz bom tiste sete debelih rokavic, pa trojne dolge gate, na čevlje si kr une teniške loparje prvež, pa ne pozab derez!” Jao!!! 😀

  2. A to je bil torej razlog, da te ni bilo na spregled. Snega vidim, da ne primanjkuje 😉 Je pa tole mesto res videti luškano. Sem bil pred parimi leti v Kanadi, a bolj v večjih mestih, kjer takšna arhitektura in domačnost ne prideta ravno do izraza.

  3. Uros, ja, snezni vihar nas je v Kanado odpihnil, tam nas je zamedlo, tako da so nas potem cel teden resevalne sluzbe odkopavale, dokler nas na koncu niso huskiji zavohali. 😉
    So bile pa tele hiske res kot iz pravljice. Na trenutke te skoraj prime, da bi stegnil roko in od kaksne odlomil majhen koscek kot v Janku in Metki. 😀

  4. Joj, Barbi, kako je lepoooooo!! Vidiš, take zime bi rabli pri nas, ne pa to zlubudruno…ce sploh…:S

    Hehehe, hiske me pa ono res res res spominjajo, ko so imeli vcasih v velkih trgovinah v Minhnu postavljene tiste vlakce in okol je bla pokrajna narejena s takimi malimi pravljicnimi hiskami 😀

  5. Wow.. now I know what you have been up to.. and your journal has not disappointed me… love the pix too.. great star bursts and the teddy tells a story.. looks like he had a Wasted Wednesday too! .. so did you have Thirsty Thursday and Freakin Friday? Lots of the love stuff, Liz 😀

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