“Allez, allez, up, up!” or “Go, girls, go!”

The highlight of the week was dogsledding. Spent a fortune on it but it was, without a single doubt, worth every Canadian dollar.



We were greeted by the owner at the activity centre from where we drove towards Montreal, to a little place hidden deep in the woods called Saint-Remi-d’Amherst. Out from the shuttle and up to the kennel to see all hundred of the dogs, mostly huskies. Some were already waiting to go on a run with the sledge and the others were jealously chewing on what was left from breakfast.


Met the guides, got the instructions, divided into groups and we were ready to mush through the forest. Of course, everybody had a guide to go with, except me. Like there’s something about me that says I can be trusted with a bunch of hyper, half-wolf dogs. I’m sure there’s something in my eyes that gives me up every time. I love dogs, no doubt about that, but come one, alone? One of the guides was joking and saying: “No worries, mademoiselle, we’ve only lost three tourists this season. And they were all French, so that’s ok!” Ah, now I’m relieved. Not being French will get me back here in one piece. Fiiiuu, and I was getting so worried. Lol

Anyway, we “mushed” off, I was the last one of four teams. Me and seven dogs, mostly females. Which was good, cuz we all know girls always behave. Except when they just wanna have fu-u-n. But that’s a song, who takes them seriously? So, once I crushed into a tree I didn’t see because of a major u-turn and the fact we were going so fast, I’ve decided to focus on what I was doing instead of just thinking how great and awesome this experience was. From that point on, everything went smooth. And looking at those happy waving tails in front of me, surrounded by nature in a big forest, I was really feeling like a pioneer.



After 40 minutes of sledding and shrieks of joy, we stopped for a well-earned break. We were getting warm in a tent, just like those used by prospectors, by a nice fire, with hot chocolate and the best maple cookies ever. Dogs were already barking and jumping with excitement so we got back to the sleds and headed for the kennel. I couldn’t thank my team of dogs enough. If I could I would have taken each and every one of them with me.


Although I really liked all of them, my absolute favorite was a gorgeous Lalu, which means ‘female wolf’ as I was told. And her name really is just perfect for her.



Another joyous surprise was waiting for us back at the kettle. We got to hold a new-born huskies. Some were eleven and some only three days old. And again, I was tempted to put at least on in my pocket. 😉



This was definitely an experience I will never forget. A big thanks to our amazing guide for trusting me with all those fantastic dogs and for making me smile each time he opened his mouth.


6 thoughts

  1. Wicked!!! BTW: In case you haven’t noticed, the last photo, that dog is sniffing your butt. I guess they really took you for one of them. They know a good person when they meet one.

  2. Jaaaa, nooo, Luka, Ace Ventura – pet detective, ravno, ko sem jo sem pripopala sem vidla. Prej pa res ne. Hahahha. Sej, ta drugi zraven se pa oblizuje. No comment. 😀

    Pssst, Uros, se vedno upam, da se mi bo uspelo izmuznit brez dolgoletnih ocitkov, obtozujocih pogledov in repa med nogami. 😉
    Ampak ves, da si jo skoraj predstavljam, kako bi prav takole naspidirano sibala zraven. Sicer, 3x manjsa, ampak bi sigurno norela. 😀

  3. Once again.. wow! Love to see you in the images… the pups are cute (and dare I say it.. and so are you!)

    .. and so now you can ad dog sledding to your resume! What a diverse character you are :hug: Liz

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