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  1. Pridna, Barbi, ubogaš šefa. 😀 Po eni strani bi sicer bilo fajn, če bi to res zrihtala za Dax Photo, ampak po drugi strani pa itak nimaš kompa, pa če mene vprašaš, je Dax Photo itak … no ja, recmo samo, da nobody cares. 😀 Tako da je tkole čist ok.
    Kje je tvoje pismo? 😉

  2. A great shock.. I don’t know how many times I have watched “10 Things I Hate About You” with my two girls and been in love with Heath every time. His Aussie twang seeming so out of place in an American movie. Being a star is not all its cracked up to be that’s for sure. I hope his memory lives on in his work.

    Btw: how are you going? Sometime in the next decade, if you have time, send me a sentence if you can.

    Hugs, Liz

  3. Stanko, ja, res zalostno. Pravice pa itak ze dolgio ni in je nikoli ne bo. Verjetno.

    Luka, bro, brez problema ti tole posljem za Dax Photo, a bi moral sam uredit, ker … saj ves. Ampak imam samo te fotke, ne pa recimo tistih, ko so ga odnesli ven … In btw, da ne vidim vec takih stvari napisanih o Dax Photo!! Grrrr

    Liz, you’re right. I woke up that morning, sat down at the kitchen table with my coffee and there it was. Front page. Heath Ledger found dead in his SoHo apartment. WHAT??!! How could that be? … And then millions of other questions. I loved him. As an actor, as a person. He was amazing. Full of spirit and life & extremely normal and genuine in this crazy world. And the first dvd I bought here in NYC was Brokeback mountain, although I have it at home & I’ve seen it a dozen times. I don’t know, it’s just that I can connect with the story in so many ways & Heath is brilliant in it. His memory will definitely live on, too bad he couldn’t.

    Re @ btw: To be totally honest with you, last week sucked. I was sick, still am, started to really really miss everyone and finding hard time focusing on the fact, that I really am in New York and that I probably shouldn’t be wasting so much time feeling sorry for myself, watching tv and being less productive as a green plant. The lousy weather was just a lame excuse not to go out I think. I know, it’s all a set of mind. That’s why I’m trying to reset myself atm, taking better care of my health, stay on the positive side and all of those things that may sound funny but work anyway.

    Oh, and did you get my packet from Slovenia? I know it’s a long way to the Oz but I think it should be there by now. Ok, let me know.

    Hugs, sunshine,
    B xxx

  4. The family has just got back from the Rotary Youth Exchange Program “debriefing” weekend.. having listened to all the “returned” students today confirms that what you went through during the “shitty” week is what everyone feels at some point when they are living away from home, especially with oceans in between and especially at the point you are at. Don’t despair… you attitude sounds great.. and do something to pamper yourself and /or find an Australian store and buy tim tams! Hope you had a better week. :hug: Liz

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