This and that and the yummy Bacon

Now that I think of it, it’s really hard to believe it’s been over two weeks since I got here. Everything is happening so fast, I literally have to stop now & then just to catch my breath. Inhale. Exhale. Ok.

We were partying last Saturday with mom and pops from New Jersey. What a great people! Sitting down at the B.B. King Blues Club, waiting for the Bacon Brothers, eating, drinking, laughing … They even paid for everything and invited me to visit them in NJ, since it’s like a Mecca for all the musicians. So, I guess I’ll be hopping on a train soon, making a two-hour ride down to where Bruce Springsteen was born. Should be fun. And of course, Kevin, my unheard love since the Footloose times … I was goofing around with someone once, well, it was quite serious, I guess, that we’re gonna see their concert as soon as they play near enough. I kept my promise. Three years later, I was drooling, with my eyes popping out, my heart beating wild, sitting 3 meters from the Yummy Bacon, basically feeling like a teenager. And you can easily imagine how my eyes sparkled and my brain switched to full speed mode, when I was told he lives just two blocks up from where we are. I guess now my pilgrimage across the Central park to Sarah J. Parker will have to be rescheduled. Oh, and a director of the Law & Order, Dick Wolf, lives in our building. Interesting. 


Thursday night was all about American Idol. Those people auditioning are crazy! There was a guy, with a beer belly down to the floor, dressed like an Indian dancer or whatever, and hairy as Alaskan bear during the coldest times of winter. Then the judges said he needed a hard core hair removal session with the pros, because the hair was pretty much taking all the attention. And he did it! American Idiot!! And his singing was hardly worth the pain he went through. And then comes a girl, dressed in a costume from the Star Wars, supposable she was a huge fan, cursing all the judges: “Fuckers!! All they want are hot sexy girls who all look the same, sing the same … how boring!! At least I’m different. Fuck you! I’m special. I’m a dork and I’m proud to say so. I don’t wear make up, I don’t dress to impress, I am what I am!” … And another one, self titled as reincarnated Janis Joplin, who couldn’t resist showing her middle finger after being cut off. The funny thing is – I saw her at Times Squire on Wednesday, singing on the streets with Fox 5 recording everything and making a little interview after. I don’t think Linda Perry was that impressed with her version of What’s up. Hahaha. And what’s up with all that costume wearing and painting your face?! You’re on American Idol people, not auditioning for the leading role of some crappy off-off Broadway musicale. Jees!! The guy wearing a fur hat with angel wings and a silver coat toped everyone. He wrote his own song, dedicated to Simon and melted his heart. Awww, I know. Super sweet. If only he could fucking SING!!! 


And I’ve learned a precious lesson. Again. Everyone that buys you a coffee and goes on a three hour excursion around NY, delivers lots of funny stories, is not necessarily a sane and mentally stable person. Hahaha. Walter. I had fun that couple of hours and a good work out for my abs, but that Myspace message was a bit too much for me & discouraged me of ever dialing his number. “Hey babe, I wanna have sex with you …” WTF??!! Do you want me to put the leash on, crawl on my knees and wave my tail for you too? I would really almost rather lick a crack between my own ass and sing Amazing Grace while I do that. As far as I know, it’s you and your hand tonight … and every other night for that matter. And buy some lotion. It could help if you’re too stressed out. And no, you guys, that’s not being direct as many New Yorkers are, that’s simply being a horny jerk. Luckily I still practice my ‘London method’ to never give out my number to anyone. Not the real one at least. Hahaha.

Greenwich Village is another part in Downtown that’s very fascinating. The gay movement started here and there’s nothing odd seeing same sex people, eating in the restaurants by romantic candle lights, rubbing their faces against each other, holding hands, kissing, cuddling … It’s the same outside. And practically through the whole NY. No one will turn or stop if two babes are kissing. Big deal. Imagine doing that in some little town in Slovenia. My lovely Hrastnik for example. Hahaha. I can’t even get to my home latter than 1 am, without at least five neighbors remanding me of that the next day. Whatever. But there’s more about what’s interesting in Greenwich than just that. It’s very bohemian, has good vibes and it’s kind of a ‘must-be-there’ for all the young that want to be ‘in’ and ‘hip’ and ‘up-to-date’. So I guess I’ll be seen around there a lot. Haha. Oh, yeah, if you’re a drug dealer, you’ll be visiting that area too. Lol

Wednesday night I almost got killed by a giant Hummer. Crossing the road with the red light for pedestrians still on, not really noticing it, not really caring, with mind set on something, well, someone else … Fun!! Being a major adrenaline junkie that was too much even for me. He stopped 30 cm from me, cursing me big time. And I just stood there, in the middle of the road, not really knowing what was happening. But I did go home and changed my pants … I also think I’ll stop being a headless Superwoman who thinks nothing can happen to her and won’t travel around unknown parts of the City in the late hours. There are people who will burst out hysterically if someone bumps into them by accident. Which happens a lot, streets are crowded. I wouldn’t recommend doing that on a Friday or Saturday night tho, especially not with people who are obviously drunk. And there are many of those – I just said, Friday & Saturday! Or immature dickheads that will follow you and give you a ‘Let’s-get-down-to-business’ performance. But let’s not get paranoid or anything, I’ll be just fine & I’m not afraid to kick some asses if needed, no doubt about that! So, don’t worry!

And another confession I feel I need to make. Yep, there’s more than Kevin Bacon. I got an iPod Touch. But don’t think that makes me very special around here. Everyone has got one. And when I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE!! But I still give permission to all of you at home, to be extremely jealous, with your faces turning red and fists bumping on the table, cuz it’s a damn great masterpiece of equipment. Still, I better keep a safe distance from that Apple store. Just for a while, till my bank account recovers a bit. 


Oh yeah, and I got my curtains. My night rituals of getting dressed into my PJ’s are now just for my own pleasure. Although I’m a bit concerned, since my geek love hasn’t been around much lately. What? I still gotta check once in a while how he’s doing, right? I’ll see you next time. And the main task of this weekend is stalking Pink around Central Park as she’s doing her PETA campaign against the horse-drawn carriages. Thumbs up & fingers crossed for that! Enjoy,

B xxx


A major toy store. This guys are probably making Tom Hanks very very jealous.

And here’s a proof you don’t need a major drum kit to rock. Times Square, Friday night.

One more thing – Empire State building changes color every week, right. Well, here’s what Time Out magazine said about it: “The tower shines white this week, as the ESB is too excited about Cloverfield to worry about lightning schemes. Have you seen the movie poster? That bitch Statue of Liberty finally gets what’s coming to her.” Hahaha. 

P.S.: Lojza, se ti iskreno opravicujem. Manjkas tut na tistem poslovilnem postu. In evo, sem drzala obljubo in za kazen, ne sam dva ampak cel teden, klecala na koruzi. Upam, da ves, da bos zmer moja Queen of the night. Hahaha.

Hey, Helena, welcome! Ja, uradno se res se ne poznamo, sem pa vidla ze cel kup hudih fotk in te bom od zdej naprej z veseljem zasledovala tut preko tovjega bloga. 😉 Dobis ostalo na mail, ok?

Liz, see, I kept my promise. This one in English. All for you! Much love to Downunder. Eat a Tim Tam or two for me, please … and skip the Vegemite. Hahaha. Hope you’re not on your diet anymore!! xxx


7 thoughts

  1. Saj ni res, kolk se teb dogaja. A to je bilo od zadnjega bloga do zdajle? In kje za vraga ti živiš? Se sliši kot v filmu! WTF?!?!? A si ti to zmišljuješ, pa si v resnici še vedno v Hrastniku? Sort of Wag the Dog kinda thing… Dober photoshopping, ni kaj. 😀
    Jaz samo čakam, da v naslednjem blogu napišeš: “Well, I’m going out with Brad Pitt tomorow, right after I get off a date with Johnny Depp.” (In zdaj bo točno to napisala v naslednjem blogu…) Oz. se mi prej zdi, da boš pri Baconu pristala…
    In le glej kje hodiš! Čeprav… Konec koncev, če me že mora zbit avto, bi veliko raje, da me spešta v NY, kjer bi pristal pod hummerjem, kot v KR, kjer bi me posvaljkal kakšen star spuščen golf ali po možnosti kakšen yugo.

    No ja…

    iPod Touch?!?!?!? You gotta be kidding me! Kako si sploh upaš nam to povedat. Mi tukaj splošno stavkamo (praktično čisto cela Slovenija) zaradi inflacije, ki nam bo onemogočila preživetje lih kar, ti pa ipod touch kupuješ!!! 😀 V tvoji domovini še za hrano nimamo! 😀

    Ok, zdaj pa resno. A veš, da ti prav privoščim. Ne sicer tvojo geek love in Walterja, ampak vse the best, kar počneš. To je to. To je lajf. Ne pa … Ok, ne bomo šli v to. Pa še srečo imaš. Si mogoče videla, kateri od hollywodskih igralcev te je skoraj zgazil v tistem hummerju? 😉

    OK. Pridna bodi in ne nadleguj Pink preveč. Če pa jo najdeš, se pa le fotkaj z njo. Pa posnami jo, lupčka naj pošlje in reče: “Dax, I love you and your photos!” (OK, če reče “Trio Adio Rocks” bo tud v redu) 😀 Take care, sis! Hugs & ***

  2. Big big hug..

    ..but no eating tim tams for moi! .. forbidden fruits for me now 😦 .. pummel fists on desk… and tantrum of gigantic proportions!

    ..Thanks for the English.. there’s not much I can say to match your excitement. Um .. are you doing any nannying or just having mega fun?

    I have just been watching a Slovenian girl in the Aussie Open.. she was winning.

    Chicago is Bg’s music mecca and where she wants to do an “exchange” .. um that or Brazil! .. so if you go to Chicago you will have to let me know.. but NJ would be cool too.

    Happy stalking… another big hug.. and I’m going to have vegemite on a cracker! Liz

  3. Barbi, Barbi.
    Fajn te je brat! 😀
    ti boš pomojem kr v NY-ju hotla ostat! Pa boš na nas tule kr pozabila 😛
    samo da uživaš sto na uro. Jst sm v mislih s tabo!;)

    Pridna bod

  4. hej! 🙂
    me veseli, js tudi redno spremljam! 😉
    pa super glede mejla…upam sam, da ga nisi slučajno že poslala pa sem ga js zbrisala kje med tisočimi spam pismi ki jih dobivam zadnje čase..

    uživaj v NY 😉


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