Learn something new every day …

…that should be our goal. Gaining knowledge is exciting, and stimulating, and enervating. And so is sharing that knowledge. My daily goal was to teach Natalija Verboten how to show a ‘rock-on’ sign as she said she didn’t really know how to. A wise man always asks, I say. You know, not like Damjan Murko who poses with his hands in the air, absolutely sure he has that ‘rock-on’ sign all figured out but showing a ‘call-me’ instead. Hahaha. Ok. I know there’s only one person who will laugh at this and I don’t really give a damn. The Forbidden lady knows how to rock cuz of me! Ha, and here’s your prove.


At VIP area before the gig …
…and rocking out with Sank Rock later that same evening.
So, by all means, wake each day with the determination that you won’t go to sleep until you’ve learned something you didn’t know … or have thought someone something that he or she didn’t know this morning.

5 thoughts

  1. 😀 😀 😀 Rock On!!! Mogoče bi te morali na teh koncertih organizatorji povabiti med VIP kot advisorko izvajalcem, da bodo “in” in up-to-date. 🙂

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