Amore Mio

There, I’ve said it, I’m deeply in love with Jan Plestenjak and I desperately wish Iris Mulej was my best friend.




Ah, two concerts to go before I go go. A nice warning to my closest – please, if you love yourselves enough, try to avoid me when you see me throwing a suitcase around my room. Remember, you’ve been warned. I shall not be responsible for any acts of your foolishness.

4 thoughts

  1. Joj, Barbi, postavi se v vrsto za Jana. Moja mat je bila prva! Pa še brez zob! 😀
    Ne, ne, saj ni res, da odhajaš. Postala boš dopisnica. Tako govori, se bolje sliši. Pa bolj pozitivno je za tiste, ki te bomo pogrešali. 🙂

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