Let’s throw it against the wall and see if it sticks

I’m obviously not sick enough or just too stupid to be trudging around in weather like this with a major fever. But since it seems all that some people enjoy doing in this life is pressing buttons till it finally pops, running up some snowy slopes with my precious Laika and a camera in my hand was a much needed therapy. And one that works anyway.


To all the hypocritical piece of shits (that don’t bother reading this blog anyhow): I’ll throw you against the wall as soon as I get a chance, just to see if you’ll stick. The smell is quite obvious already. No matter the distance.



7 thoughts

  1. Tako lepe fotke, luštna kužika gor, pa tako angry post. 🙂
    And while we’re on the subject. Iskal sem RSS na tvojem blogu, pa ga ne najdem. A sploh imaš to opcijo?

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