Hello world!



Well, I guess it’s about time I start to annoy the world with my babble. Hopefully there’ll be just a right amount of the previous and a bit larger amount of photos, which, as wise people said, say a thousand words. Keeping that in mind, there will be a babble then. Or not? It is already. 😉 So, a quick sum of everything that’s been going on in this past couple of days.

Pink Floyd Tribute with Eclipse in Celje. Velika dvorana Celjskega doma is a nice place for that kind of events, but most probably wouldn’t mind some extra air circulating around. Standing 20 cm behind a drummer was a real treat. Tree days after and I was still hearing those snares …


… which never happened at the next concert. Neisha in Cankarjev dom was something totally else. And I’m not talking about the quality of the concert, which was superb, but the sound of drums echoing in your ears for days for standing so close, was a dream. 10 minutes run fast when your having fun … or bleeding from your knees. My knees were definitely NOT made for kneeling down, never mind the humble person I am. Having to leave the concert because of violating the fire safety regulation was a real treat. Makes you fell special. And Neisha said it herself: Nor je ta svet!


The biggest impression of all the events left yesterday’s. Hladno Pivo at Stuk, Maribor. Due to two cold splashes of bear in my head, who wouldn’t want that? Their piano player was a real joker. He made angry faces while I was taking photos of him & then, during one song, he simply went behind the speakers, came back with a camera and took a picture of me. With his flash on. Hahaha. And how lucky do you have to be to, as a person that doesn’t hang out and about Maribor that much, to pick, from all 10 taxi drivers standing there, the one, that has only started working two days ago?! Imagine then explaining him where to go, when you yourself don’t really know, but here I am.


Let this be all for the first time. Many more to come. Hopefully.

Ta taaa, ~B xxx


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