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Bear Mountain and Indigo Girls

After reading Bill Bryson’s book A Walk in the Woods, I was very curious to get a taste of the Appalachian Trail myself. Definitely not all 3.500 kilometers of it, but at least enough to get a nice exercise. Beautiful fall Saturday morning seemed a perfect time to make this happen and Bear Mountain, being …

Lenny’s Christening, October 9th 2010

On a beautiful Saturday morning of October 9th 2010, Lenny put on his beautiful white suite, was baptized Leonard and got admitted into the Catholic Church. After the beautiful service he invited us back to his house for some delicious Polish food and fun time with his parents, relatives and friends.

The Feast of Saint Francis

On October 3rd 2010 the Cathedral Church of Saint John Devine, the church that owns the title of largest Cathedral and Anglican church and fourth largest Christian church in the world, welcomed many different kinds of animals, as well as their owners, of course. Dogs might have taken over in number, but I would dare …